For inside [the collector] there are spirits, or at least a little genii, which have seen to it that for a collector — and I mean a real collector as he ought to be — ownership is the most intimate relationship that one can have to objects.
Not that they come alive in him; it is he who lives in them.

Walter Benjamin, 1931

For inside [the collector] there are spirits, or at least a little genii, which have seen to it that for a collector — and I mean a real collector as he ought to be — ownership is the most intimate relationship that one can have to objects.
Not that they come alive in him; it is he who lives in them.

Walter Benjamin, 1931


SFA regularly surveys fairs, auctions and art schools and educates and guides clients' purchases through a variety of outlets from galleries and artists' studios to private collections and auctions.

SFA is a full service, private art consultancy specializing in modern and contemporary art.  Founded by Lisa Schiff in 2002, SFA serves a select group of dedicated collectors around the world.  Careful scholarship is at the core of our work, guided by each collector's individual aesthetic, interests, and goals. 


SFA is made up of five specialized art professionals able to assist in every aspect of collecting with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. We have built close relationships with our collectors, often over the span of many years. Owing to our highly personalized approach, we have the pleasure of growing and learning alongside our clients, constantly looking at and speaking about art. We have shared with our clients many enriching experiences traveling, visiting artists' studios, attending art fairs, and exploring galleries and museums worldwide. 


Every decision, large or small, is given our unbiased, objective advice, not only in regard to each artwork we present, but in all areas of discussion and inquiry. Because of our well-established relationships with galleries and open communication with our clients, we have been able to cultivate critical trust on all sides, ensuring access to the most desirable and highest quality works.  SFA aims to create an experience of collecting that is satisfying on a variety of levels. Above all, we want collecting art to be fun.


In addition to advising collectors, SFA engages in many facets of the art world on a global scale. We are involved with non-profit organizations worldwide, contribute to various curatorial projects, and are always finding ways to support artists and special projects. SFA principal, Lisa Schiff, is frequently called upon to share her expertise and provide in-depth analysis to the press. Lisa makes a point to speak regularly on panels and to engage in public discussions, covering a variety of art related topics. 



SFA assists in all aspects of building a fine art collection, meeting each client's unique needs, objectively and with discretion and confidentiality.


By drawing on years of experience, long-term relationships and industry knowledge, SFA is uniquely positioned to help collectors acquire significant works of art from both established and emerging artists. SFA educates and guides its clients through purchases from galleries, artist's studios, private collections, and at auction - both domestic and abroad.


SFA staff regularly monitors art schools, fairs, and auctions, enabling us to provide clientele with knowledge of current developments globally.

Collections Management

The life of an artwork necessitates a certain responsibility and SFA assists in all aspects of a collection's future care. From archiving and documentation to shipping, insurance, storage, framing, installation, and conservation, SFA staff will oversee all activities.


SFA also manages museum and other institutional loans, donations, or private resale/deaccessions.


Additionally, SFA is well versed in legal issues such as droit de suite, authentication, and estate planning.

The Market

Collecting art is an aesthetic endeavor as well as another form of asset allocation. SFA educates the collector on assessing value prior to acquisition and reappraises works as they change in value over time, keeping close track of relevant artists' performance both privately (through its knowledge of undisclosed sales) and publicly (through its awareness of auction sales).




Lisa Schiff | President and Senior Advisor

Lisa Schiff has over a decade of experience as an advisor to private collectors and foundations. As the Principal of her advisory firm, Schiff Fine Art, she travels widely to stay on top of trends within the art world. Through extensive relationships and deep connections to the gallery, museum and auction worlds and a honed inside knowledge of the art market, SFA focuses on adding value to its clients' collections by sourcing and acquiring significant works of art from both established and emerging artists.


Lisa is ABD on her PhD in Art History. She holds an M.A. in Art History from the University of Miami, Florida, and a B.A. in Art History and French from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She completed a year with Columbia University's Reid Hall in Paris, executing her undergraduate thesis while in residence.


Prior to establishing SFA, Lisa held a variety of positions in the art world in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. Additionally, she has taught as an adjunct professor of art history at Hunter College, the College of Staten Island, and Nassau Community College and has lectured at UCLA, USC, and CUNY on various art-related topics. Lisa has also organized a number of exhibitions, the next of which is slated for 2015.


Lisa co-founded VIA Art with Bridgitt Evans, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting artistic production, thought leadership, and public engagement ( She sits on the board of trustees of the Sculpture Center in New York and is on the founders board of LAX Art. 


Leslie Fritz | COO and Senior Advisor

Leslie Fritz joined Schiff Fine Art in 2013 as a Senior Advisor.  Leslie comes to SFA with some fifteen years of experience in the art world. As a gallery owner for almost a decade, she established both the Leslie Fritz and Renwick galleries. Prior to starting her own businesses, Leslie was a gallery director at Petzel and an associate at Skarstedt in New York, where she developed an expertise for dealing in both the primary market for emerging and established artists, as well as in the secondary market of contemporary masters.


Leslie holds a BA degree in anthropology and art history from Barnard College. She presently serves as a Partner in VIA Art, an advisory member of Lalela Project, and volunteer for Learning Leaders.  Leslie is an ambassador for the Sculpture Center in Long Island City and a member of Triple Canopy's Publisher's Circle.

Andrea Lounibos | Senior Advisor

Andrea Lounibos earned a B.A. in Art History and French and Francophone Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles. She spent her junior year in Paris studying contemporary French culture at the Center for Critical Studies and at the Sorbonne. During her senior year, she completed an honors thesis on African architecture.


Before joining SFA, Andrea worked at the not-for-profit exhibition space, LAXART in Los Angeles, where she assisted with grant-writing and procuring funding for artists' exhibitions. She also worked in the Los Angeles studio of artist Elliott Hundley before moving to New York. 

Lauren Guilford | Junior Advisor

Lauren Guilford earned a B.A. in Art History from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She completed her honors thesis on 17th century Italian art theory after spending a semester studying in Rome.


Before joining Schiff Fine Art, Lauren held a long-term museum internship in the Special Programs Department at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art where she assisted with various development projects. Upon moving to New York Lauren interned with Casey Kaplan Gallery where she realized her interest in contemporary art.

Emily DeRosa | Director, Sales and Logistics

Emily DeRosa graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in Art History. She completed her studies with a focus on contemporary art, specifically that of the Young British Artists.


During college, Emily also held an internship in the Education Department at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, where she assisted with research to create a comprehensive room guide for visitors. Before joining SFA, Emily interned for both the Major Gifts and Corporate Partnerships divisions of the Development Department at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. 

Abigail Hibbs | Director, Administration and Finance

Abigail holds a bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of California, Berkeley. She has held positions at several bay area museums and galleries, including the de Young Museum and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. She has been involved in special exhibition planning, museum education, and public programming. 

Raina Himmelman | Office Manager

Raina Himmelman graduated with honors from Barnard College, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and completed her Senior thesis on Alexander Calder’s playful aesthetic.


Prior to joining Schiff Fine Art, Raina held several internships in Los Angeles and New York. Some of the institutions at which she interned include Gagosian Gallery and the Calder Foundation, where she assisted with archival research.

Missy Franco | Assistant Registrar

Missy graduated with honors from UCLA, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Comparative Politics. She has worked for several years in research and development, education programming, and graphic design. After living in Madrid, Spain, she decided to move to New York and merge her passion for the arts with her planning skills into a career in contemporary art.


Paige Robinson | Executive Assistant

Paige Robinson joined Schiff Fine Art after experience at Christie's in the Post-War and Contemporary department, where she worked on the May 2015 record-breaking sales. Prior to that, Paige played a key role in implementing the ongoing Sculpture Project at Baker Sponder Gallery, where she gained several years of fine art gallery experience.


Paige graduated with honors from Barnard College, earning a Bachelor's of Arts degree with a focus on Modern and Contemporary art.


Sarah Van Liefde | Executive Personal Assistant

Sarah Van Liefde earned her BFA with an emphasis in Photography from California State University Fullerton. She has held positions at galleries in Southern California, as well as over four years of experience working in the field of digital photography. She recently moved to New York to further her career in contemporary art. 


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