For inside [the collector] there are spirits, or at least a little genii, which have seen to it that for a collector — and I mean a real collector as he ought to be — ownership is the most intimate relationship that one can have to objects.
Not that they come alive in him; it is he who lives in them.

Walter Benjamin, 1931

For inside [the collector] there are spirits, or at least a little genii, which have seen to it that for a collector — and I mean a real collector as he ought to be — ownership is the most intimate relationship that one can have to objects.
Not that they come alive in him; it is he who lives in them.

Walter Benjamin, 1931


SFA regularly surveys fairs, auctions and art schools and educates and guides clients' purchases through a variety of outlets from galleries and artists' studios to private collections and auctions.

SFA is a full service, private art consultancy specializing in modern and contemporary art.  Founded by Lisa Schiff in 2002, SFA serves a select group of dedicated collectors around the world.  Careful scholarship is at the core of our work, guided by each collector's individual aesthetic, interests, and goals. 


SFA is made up of five specialized art professionals able to assist in every aspect of collecting with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. We have built close relationships with our collectors, often over the span of many years. Owing to our highly personalized approach, we have the pleasure of growing and learning alongside our clients, constantly looking at and speaking about art. We have shared with our clients many enriching experiences traveling, visiting artists' studios, attending art fairs, and exploring galleries and museums worldwide. 


Every decision, large or small, is given our unbiased, objective advice, not only in regard to each artwork we present, but in all areas of discussion and inquiry. Because of our well-established relationships with galleries and open communication with our clients, we have been able to cultivate critical trust on all sides, ensuring access to the most desirable and highest quality works.  SFA aims to create an experience of collecting that is satisfying on a variety of levels. Above all, we want collecting art to be fun.


In addition to advising collectors, SFA engages in many facets of the art world on a global scale. We are involved with non-profit organizations worldwide, contribute to various curatorial projects, and are always finding ways to support artists and special projects. SFA principal, Lisa Schiff, is frequently called upon to share her expertise and provide in-depth analysis to the press. Lisa makes a point to speak regularly on panels and to engage in public discussions, covering a variety of art related topics. 



SFA assists in all aspects of building a fine art collection, meeting each client's unique needs, objectively and with discretion and confidentiality.


By drawing on years of experience, long-term relationships and industry knowledge, SFA is uniquely positioned to help collectors acquire significant works of art from both established and emerging artists. SFA educates and guides its clients through purchases from galleries, artist's studios, private collections, and at auction - both domestic and abroad.


SFA staff regularly monitors art schools, fairs, and auctions, enabling us to provide clientele with knowledge of current developments globally.

Collections Management

The life of an artwork necessitates a certain responsibility and SFA assists in all aspects of a collection's future care. From archiving and documentation to shipping, insurance, storage, framing, installation, and conservation, SFA staff will oversee all activities.


SFA also manages museum and other institutional loans, donations, or private resale/deaccessions.


Additionally, SFA is well versed in legal issues such as droit de suite, authentication, and estate planning.

The Market

Collecting art is an aesthetic endeavor as well as another form of asset allocation. SFA educates the collector on assessing value prior to acquisition and reappraises works as they change in value over time, keeping close track of relevant artists' performance both privately (through its knowledge of undisclosed sales) and publicly (through its awareness of auction sales).


Haute Living

Lisa Schiff and Marika Kielland of SFA Advisory produced the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation's annual art auction, staged in Sonoma for the first time this year, which was conducted live by Simon Shaw of Sotheby’s. The auction was filled with unique experiences, collectibles, and a collection of fine art from artists Ai Wei Wei, Richard Prince, David Hockney, Wayne Thiebaud, Frank Gehry, Matthew Wong, The Haas Brothers, among others. The auction was hosted exclusively on Invaluable, the world’s leading online marketplace for fine art, antiques and collectibles.

Harpers Bazaar Arabia

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in collaboration with SFA Advisory and Southern Guild are presenting an exhibition that encourages our guests to make small changes toward a sustainable environment through five large-scale, functional, and sculptural designs of endangered species by renowned South African artist Porky Hefer,” reveals Roberts. “Each design is produced using environmentally sound materials that have been hand-worked by artisans in Cape Town.”


The South African artist Porky Hefer gained extensive recognition for his whimsical, animal-shaped hanging chairs, showcased during the 2015 Design Miami. For this year’s event, once again he will be presenting another similar project entitled ‘Endangered’, realized in collaboration with SFA Advisory and Southern Guild. The exhibition, commissioned by SFA Advisory to benefit the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF), will be showcasing a collection of seating concepts representing some endangered species.


South African designer Porky Hefer’s new artworks depict a kingdom of giant soft toys. Called Endangered, the collection will make you weep. The day before the sculptures were shipped off to Switzerland to be exhibited, a group of journalists were invited to a private viewing. The animals are large, and while the real versions may be scary, there is nothing intimidating about these ones. Quite the opposite: they have been designed to invite you into their arms, into their mouths and to be sat upon. 

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is delighted to partner with the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) and Design Miami/ to showcase two artworks pertaining to the environment during the month of December. The works, which include a commissioned neon artwork by artist Andrea Bowers and a painting by artist Tomás Sánchez, are the first to be featured in LDF’s new “Art and the Environment” initiative, which explores and highlights the intersections of art and the environment. The collaboration with PAMM also includes screenings of Before the Flood, the National Geographic documentary film by Academy-Award winning filmmaker, Fisher Stevens, and narrated and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, which explores the impacts of climate change and the actions we can take to mitigate them.


Lisa Schiff, New York based art advisor in front of the artwork 'Rob Pruitt's Official Art World/Celebrity Look-Alikes from 2016/2017' by US artist Rob Pruitt at the Unlimited exhibition during the Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland June 13, 2017.

Hollywood Reporter

"You don't talk about money or the investment. You just talk about the art, because that's the most important thing. But if you're asking $200,000 for a painting, then I have every right to ask some questions. Where is this going? When we leave with this painting, will it be worth something in 190 years. It's hypocritical to pretend we don't care."



Talking Galleries Barcelona Symposium, 2019

To explore the urgent issue of the gender imbalance on the art market, the symposium hosted a session Women Artists on the Market. Clare McAndrew (Arts Economics) provided the statistics to outline the scope of the problem, Lisa Schiff (Schiff Fine Art) shared her experience on demand for women artists and Vanessa Carlos (Carlos/Ishikawa) brought her expertise as a gallerist on a question of equal representation. Anny Shaw (The Art Newspaper), who has written extensively on the topic, moderated the talk.

Design Talks, 2018

Art As an Agent for Change: Porky Hefer’s Endangered Collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation explores how art can serve as an important means to stimulate discussions about environmental issues, specifically the importance of biodiversity and the need to protect endangered species. Using artist Porky Hefer’s compelling sculptural seating pods as an example, panelists Lisa Schiff, Trevyn McGowan, Terry Tamminen, and the artist himself discuss how art, design, and conservation perspectives can be powerfully integrated.

Reuters, June 2017

New York-based art dealer, Lisa Schiff, sold Rob Pruitt's monumental "Rob Pruitt's Official Art World/Celebrity Look A-likes Series" to one of her clients. A project that was brought to life on the social media platform, Instagram, the art work now runs over four walls, pairing together images of widely known members of the art community with their celebrity look-alikes, offering a reflection on identity and the role of social media. Lisa Schiff did not disclose the price, but explained that for her, Robert Pruitt as an artist was currently undervalued. According to Schiff, contemporary art sales are more and more determined by the prices set by the market rather than by art itself, with only a select few artists making their way to the top. She said she hoped the trend could be reversed. A few meters away, business was also going well in the "Galleries" section, bringing together works from the world's leading galleries, some of which have been facing a difficult year. 70,000 visitors are expected to crowd the fair's exhibition space from June 15 through June 18.

Intelligence Squared, March 2017

At the 2017 Art Basel in Hong Kong Intelligence Squared invited New York- based art dealer Lisa Schiff to participate in its annual arts and culture discussion, focused on the topic "Social Media is Killing Art". Schiff, in collaboration with Ryan Gander, Alexie Glass- Kantor, and Aaron Seeto debated the function of social media in art business and its role in the global presentation of art. Along with Aaron Seeto, Schiff argued that social media provides unqiue opportunities for the art world to grow and change, largely through the disruption of traditional modes of discovery, study, and engagement. 



John Gerrard: Solar Reserve

A recent addition to LACMA’s collection, John Gerrard’s public installation Solar Reserve (Tonopah, Nevada) 2014 is a digital simulation, displayed on a large-scale LED wall, that recreates a Nevada solar thermal power plant and the surrounding desert landscape. At the center of this virtual world is a tower encircled by 10,000 mirrors that adjust their positions according to the location of the sun in order to reflect light on the tower to generate electricity. Originally exhibited by Public Art Fund, the work was bought by Leonardo DiCaprio before being donated to and installed at LACMA under the guidance of Lisa Schiff. 


The exhibition, commissioned by SFA Advisory to benefit the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF), will showcase a series of seating pods depicting endangered species. The sculptures, which portray an orangutan, a polar bear, a sloth, a blue whale, and a great white shark, are made of eco-friendly and recycled materials. The sculptures were produced using environmentally sustainable materials that have been extensively hand-worked by artisans in Cape Town. Hefer worked closely with textile artist Ronel Jordaan and craft collectives Heartworks and Mielie to translate his creatures into giant, tactile sculptures whose surfaces have been crocheted, felted, stitched and embroidered with unique embellishments.

Sotheby's Ad Art Show

MvVO ART, an innovative New York-based art venture, invites art lovers to discover a new generation of artists drawn from Advertising & Commercial Art. Says Founder & CEO Maria van Vlodrop, “AD ART SHOW is a platform for discovering exciting new emerging artists that come from a historically rich landscape– following in the footsteps of Warhol, Magritte, Rockwell, O’Keefe, Hopper, Haring, Rosenquist and so many others with dual careers in art and commercial art.”




Lisa Schiff | President and Senior Advisor

One of the leading and internationally recognized art advisors, Lisa Schiff has over a decade of experience building private collections and foundations.  As the founder and Principal of SFA Art Advisory, she has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and London. 

Lisa is ABD on her PhD in Art History from the Graduate Center, CUNY.  She holds an MA in Art History from the University of Miami, Florida, and a BA in Art History and French from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  She attended Columbia University’s Reid Hall in Paris where she wrote her senior thesis and completed one year of law school at the Faculte de Droit de Montpellier.  Additionally, she has taught as an adjunct professor of art history, lectures continually and sits on panels, and is regularly sought out for her opinion in the press.  Lisa has also curated exhibitions, has mounted four benefit auctions for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, and consults on visual culture for the Foundation.  She collaborated with Economic Theorist Jeremy Rifkin on an exhibition called “Open Source: Art at the Eclipse of Capitalism,” and is planning another based on his theories of Empathy.  Finally, Lisa has produced special projects for artists such as Alex Israel and Doug Aitken and is most recently launched the Art & Environment series for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. 

Lisa co-founded VIA Art, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting artistic production, thought leadership, and public engagement and currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Swiss Institute and SculptureCenter and the Dia Women Council at Dia Art. 


Lisa is also mother to 5-year old Leonardo Daniel Schiff, who is of Danish, American descent.     

Maya McLaughlin | Senior Advisor
In addition to her robust knowledge of the primary and secondary art markets, Maya brings a diverse background and many years’ experience to the sales team at Schiff Fine Art.  She joined the company in 2015 after working for Phillips Auctioneers for nearly a decade as a Contemporary Art Specialist.  In her time at Phillips, Maya ran the auction house’s Los Angeles outpost and played an integral role in helping clients amass unique collections of work by contemporary artists, both emerging and blue chip. 

Prior to her tenure at Phillips, Maya worked with Michael Smith, a Los Angeles-based interior designer, with whom she helped build various clients’ collections.  The duo also co-founded Duke & Duke, a gallery specializing in contemporary design.  Maya attended Sarah Lawrence College and the University of California, Los Angeles where she studied Art History and English literature.


Marika Kielland | Director of Special Projects , Advisor

Marika Kielland opened the London office of Schiff Fine Art in 2016. Since graduating from the University of Virginia with a BA in Art History, Marika has five years experience with non-profit contemporary art institutions; first as Development Director at Independent Curators International (ICI) in New York and then as Deputy Director at LAXART in Los Angeles. Currently as Director of Special Projects and Advisor at SFA, Marika is working on creative fundraising and cultural projects with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, while expanding SFA's advisory services in Europe.

Rebecca Ryba | Advisor

Rebecca Ryba holds an MA in Art Business (Hons) from Sotheby's Institute of Art, New York, where she studied art law, the international art market and collections management. Rebecca also holds a BFA in Photography (Hons) from the College of Fine Arts in Sydney, Australia, and a Diploma in Graphic Design from Shillington College. As part of her BFA, Rebecca completed her undergraduate thesis examining the philosophical implications of stillness in analogue photography. 

Before joining Schiff Fine Art, Rebecca served as Creative Director of an Australian arts and lifestyle magazine in Sydney, and worked in Paris teaching photography. Since being in New York, Rebecca has worked at Christie's Auction House and with curator Neville Wakefield on research and special projects.  

Albert Weaver | Head Registrar

Albert Weaver comes from a fine arts background, having studied painting at UC Santa Cruz where he completed a BA in Studio Art and continued into their post-graduate 5th Year Program.  He also studied drawing and painting at the New York Studio School and has a Masters in Painting from American University in Washington DC.  After completing his masters, he taught and managed American University’s undergraduate and graduate study abroad program in Perugia and Rome, Italy as an Artist in Residence.  He has extensive knowledge of art handling and logistics having worked for art handling companies, as Head Preparator for Ace Gallery in Los Angeles, and Head Preparator and Shipping Manager at Sikkema Jenkins in New York.

Clare Keaney | Director of Arts Administration

Clare Keaney is a recent graduate of the Museum Studies masters program at New York University where she wrote her dissertation on the efficacy of feminist art spaces and the effect of institutionalization on radical works.

While completing her MA she served as a curatorial intern and curatorial projects consultant at Public Art Fund, producing Tino Seghal's This You for the City Hall Park exhibition entitled The Language of Things. She also worked as a curatorial intern at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum where she contributed to the exhibition of Anicka Yi's 2016 Hugo Boss Prize and SculptureCenter where she adjudicated the 2016 InPractice exhibition. Clare recieved her BA in History, Art History, and Anthropology from Syracuse University.

Talia Simon | Advisory Assistant

Talia Simon recently completed her MA in Contemporary Art from Sotheby's Institute of Art, New York. While pursuing her Masters, she began working at SFA as an intern and upon graduation accepted a full-time position. She is an Ambassador for United States Artists, a non-profit dedicated to gifting unrestricted fellowships each year to nominated artists of all mediums living and working within the US. Talia earned her BA in European History from Arizona State University and worked as a museum intern for the University Art Museum, Nelson Fine Arts Center.


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